Phoenix, AZ — Sept 2022 — Phoenix Business Journal features multifamily transactions by Khosro Khaloghli, highlighting achievements of KB Development. Click here to view.

New York, NY — December, 2017 — Hunt Mortgage Group, a leader in financing commercial real estate throughout the United States, announced today it provided a $30.5 million loan facility to KB Development to finance the acquisition of a multifamily property located in Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to read full article.





KB Investment Development Company’s CEO, Khosro Khaloghli, is one of Southern California’s most successful real estate developers, with a continuous history of profitable projects across all categories of real estate. 

With a background in urban planning and a PhD in urban economics, Mr. Khaloghli’s grasp of developing patterns and emerging market demands allows KB to stay ahead of demographic and regional trends, and find strategic opportunities in any economic climate. Known for his efficient company structuring and adaptability, Mr. Khaloghli keeps the best interests of investment partners as the priority focus of operations at all times.



KB’s President, Darrell A. Butler, has 33 years of exceptional performance in the commercial real estate industry, with extensive experience in acquisitions, entitlement, development, construction management, sales, leasing and financing. 

Mr. Butler holds an MBA degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. His background in real estate-focused certified public accountancy and in commercial real estate brokerage firms provides a broad scope of working knowledge across the spectrum of the industry. 

KB Investment Development Company is an Orange County, California based real estate development company with more than 40 years experience in the development, construction and management of commercial and residential real estate. With a significant portfolio of sold projects and owned assets mainly in prime Southern California markets, KB brings a broad level of expertise and a well-seasoned team to every opportunity.

Investors come to KB because the company’s strong resources, decades of experience, and insightful advice provide a solid foundation for success. Investor partners enjoy profitable projects in prime markets, while maintaining flexibility.

 Real estate opportunities are constantly shifting and evolving, and only an experienced team can recognize and pursue the directions with the highest returns in any given business climate. KB’s history and pattern of growth exemplify the benefits of their dynamic and responsive business model.

Initially focused on the development, acquisition and management of apartment complexes in the prime areas of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and San Diego counties, KB Company bought, built and/or managed more than 3,000 units during its first ten years of growth.

Then, in response to shifting market demands, the company moved into tract home development and delivered over 4,500 homes and apartments. Some of these communities were built in joint venture with 1st Nationwide Bank, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and other joint venture partners.  KB was involved in these financially successful projects from concept to completion.

Further evolving its strategy during its third decade in response to changes in economic patterns, the company refocused and pursued commercial developments, mostly in the Inland Empire markets of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Working with joint venture partners and as sole owner/developer, a substantial roster of projects was successfully completed and either sold or leased.

KB Investment Development Company operates every type of real estate development from apartments to high-rise buildings, and can do so anywhere in the U.S..  The company can advise on short-term or long-term options that best suit the investor partner’s goals. Build and hold the investment for appreciation and cash flow, or sell it upon entitlement or upon completion. Real estate exchange has significant benefits under certain circumstances. 

As a privately held company, organized with a cohesive and experienced staff, the company is able to act quickly and efficiently to seize opportunities and execute strategies. It is this flexibility that has kept KB Investment Development performing well, regardless of economic cycle.

The executive team and staff have many decades of combined experience in all facets of real estate development and sales. With a deep familiarity for the business regions and their development patterns, the KB team is positioned to take advantage of emerging trends at the most advantageous moment.

KB Investment Development Company has hands-on working knowledge and a strong network of government and business contacts, enabling the company to acquire any category of land, obtain financing, navigate the regulatory environment, obtain permits, build, manage and market projects efficiently and successfully. 

KB Investment Development Company is an integral part of the powerful and growing California economy.  The diversity of economic opportunities across a range of industries  will continue to make California a most desirable place to live and do business, ensuring that real estate values will also continue to climb upward.

In summary, KB’s program of real estate investment development emphasizes safety, profitability and flexibility, the benchmarks by which all investment programs are measured. 

The KB program is structured so that the company and its investor partners are equally invested in the selected development projects, and the investor partners’ profits come out first. The KB team works toward mutual profit goals with the drive and dedication of more than 40 years in this demanding, and highly rewarding, business environment.

Investment opportunities are occasionally offered to strong companies and individuals interested in growing and prospering with KB in this very profitable real estate market. Contact us to learn more.

 Real estate opportunities are constantly shifting and evolving, and only an experienced team can recognize and pursue the directions with the highest returns in any given business climate. KB’s history and pattern of growth exemplify the benefits of their dynamic and responsive business model.